The Smart And Chic Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Tiny Spaces


Some people are not lucky enough to have a large bedroom. However, with a small bedroom does not mean there is no room for comfort and beauty.

Six brilliant ideas will benefit you who have a small bedroom but still want to be able to be creative with it.

1.  Hanging Decorations Of The Ceiling

Hanging decorations such as chandeliers or curtains directly from the ceiling can create visual illusions that give the impression of a larger room. For example, instead of storing a sleeping lamp on a desk, you can use a chandelier directly mounted from the ceiling to make the room look more spacious while adding aesthetic value.

2. Be Friends With Mirror

Sometimes the best solution is the basics that have long been known in general. The use of mirrors in the room is a clever trick to make the small bedroom look more spacious. In addition, the mirror is also a great medium to get extra unique natural lighting.

Modern nice design large mirrors wall decor that can be decor with white bed can be applied on the wooden floor can add the beauty inside modern bedroom

3. Creating Room Wall

Being creative with the walls of the rooms is always fun regardless of how big a room is. The type of creation that can be done with the walls of the room can be like making a mural to stick a small decoration, unique and sweet.

Small bedroom designs and ideas are perfect for adding personality to your room without making the place look cluttered.

4. Floating Floor Decoration

Small room is not free enough in placing large furniture. Therefore, you can mengalinya by utilizing the wall by attaching the key board as a floating decoration to replace the large pieces of furniture.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Floating Floor Decoration

5. Folding Mattress

One clever trick in outsmarting a small sleeping room is to use a folding mattress. Of course the aesthetic aspect of this folding mattress can still be maintained by bringing it closer to the wall of a room or certain furniture is adequate.

Chic Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas Folding Mattress

6. Outsmart Room Door

The door of the room with a push-pull mechanism requires significant space. By replacing the type of door with sliding door, folding door, or pocket door will be able to save your small bedroom room.

Sliding doors make small bedrooms not getting congested

Applying these ideas is not easy, experienced architects and interior designers can help realize your dream bedroom so that more leverage.

Do you have any ideas to outsmart the small bedroom? Come on, share your idea here!

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