13 Lighting Ideas for the Ceiling


As we know, lighting in the home is one of the important components of decoration. Because, in addition to having a practical function, lighting with adequate visibility in the environment can create a very interesting effect, depending on the type of lights and layout we will set. In this case, the ceiling is the key that we must pay attention to.

Here are 13 lighting ideas to beautify your home ceiling :

Dependent elements

 Ruang Keluarga by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

The purpose of constructing hanging elements – especially on gypsum – is to make the room soundproof, and aesthetically can beautify the room so that it looks more elegant. The integration of the lights to the ceiling allows to play with the shape and save some areas. In addition, making furniture with lights look more efficient because the position is ascertained appropriate in some areas of the room

Lamps and Ceilings

 Ruang Keluarga by Denise Barretto Arquitetura

The main purpose of lights is for enlightenment. Therefore, the selection of indoor lights can be up to the ceiling height. However, if the ceiling is low, the use of lamp should not use chandelier model. Lamp model attached (not hanging) on ​​the ceiling will further create a simple impression but still beautiful.

Cut the Ceiling Angle

 Ruang Keluarga by Patalab Architecture

The vision of today’s interior world has changed to a modern project and tries to get the exciting effect of the game lights with the surface of the ceiling. While this is not a mandatory area for lighting, it can be a pretty unique decorative element by generating a light effect from the “cutting” of some sides of the ceiling.

Miracle LED Lights

 Ruang Keluarga by Giuseppe DE DONNO - architetto

Today, the arrangement of LED lights into a widely used solution. This lamp requires only 80% less power than the ordinary light bulb. The flow of light produced LED lights can be directly on target. So, LED lights are the right choice when you decide to highlight certain areas of the house.

Lighting Effects

 Ruang Keluarga by Paul Wiggins ArchitectsBy Paul Wiggins Architects

Still around the LED light. This lamp is also capable of playing the full spectrum of colors, and this is the advantage of using LED lights for decorative purposes. You can achieve it with different color of the lamp, depending on the material that the diode produces.

Spectacular lights

 Ruang Keluarga by Oliver Pohlmann Photography

We must always remember, that the light not only to emit light into the room so beautiful, but also greatly determine the overall decor of the room and the environment. Selection of the type and shape of lights in accordance with the theme of decorating space will be very supportive to strengthen the positive aura that will be generated

Light from the Bottom

 Ruang Keluarga by The Lady Builder

Lamps from below or floor lamps are preferred for more room-sensing atmospheric effects. Due to the modern design – as in the photos – these lights not only highlight the direct light to a certain area, but also emit light to the ceiling and decorate it, so that the “painting of light” is reflected in the ceiling of your room.

Hidden Lights

 Ruang Keluarga by homify

The hidden spotlight is an attractive type solution in the house; This light is integrated with the architecture: inside the corridor and the room has a simpler profile and does not overlap with other decorative elements. But at the same time you can highlight the final result and detail of home construction. Decorating lights like this will be very suitable if applied to a minimalist home type, so you can save space to not look “crowded”.

Lights on Tracks

 Ruang Keluarga by Dorrington Atcheson Architects

The lights on the track, ideal for direct spotlight lights on specific areas you want to highlight. Besides it is also aesthetically fit for some things, with character that gives the impression of industrial style

Kitchen Light

 Dapur by architetto roberta castelli

The kitchen is one room that requires proper lighting, especially for cooking activities. There should be natural light coming in, and light for the work area. Therefore, again the use of LED lights is the best solution for lighting in the cooking area, for kitchen furniture, and light in general overhead. This is because LED lights can be more focused in emitting light on the intended object when compared with ordinary light bulbs – as well as more electricity, considering the affairs of the kitchen is a “core event” in every home.

Illumination Scale

modern Corridor, hallway & stairs by TecnoArtEdil

One room that is quite difficult given the lighting is the stair area. Here we can see some interesting ideas because there is illumination that can stretch along the perimeter of the ceiling and produce an interesting effect on the perspective of the room. The lights that stick along the ceiling also emit light to the floor, so that all the environments can be seen clearly.

House Entrance

 Tangga, Lorong & Koridor by studio radicediuno

The entrance area of ​​the house should give the impression of warm and dim. If you do not have enough room for floor lamps and table lamps, place them on the ceiling. This is an effective example; a light bar hidden in the ceiling, making the original fixed layout for a minimalist room. Light reflections from the ceiling on the walls contribute to the general lighting of this pleasant room.

The Natural Light that Drops from the Sky

 Living room by Piwko-Bespoke Fitted Furniture

Skylight is basically a window made on the roof. The ultimate goal is to spread the sun evenly to all internal environments, making it more lively. We all feel attracted by the beauty of natural light in the interior of the house; helps us to relax and make us feel connected to nature, urban or rural, that surrounds our homes. Not only that, even at night we can also enjoy the moonlight and star flicker without having to risk leaving the house.