25 Awesome Anthropology Bedroom Ideas


Anthropology is a science that discusses about humans in general, by studying the various colors, physical forms, and the resulting culture. In general anthropology is one branch of social science that studies about the cultural community of a particular ethnicity. According to an expert, anthropology is the study of man and everything he does.

The bedroom is the most private place in the house. This is where homeowners relieve physical fatigue, thoughts, and emotions. That is why the bedroom is the place most often designed specifically. The main principle of a bedroom should be comfortable and provide peace. The bedroom has to fulfill two main functions:

  • Physical function, the bedroom can be a place to accommodate all kinds of goods and activities of residents who are very private house.
  • Psychological function, the bedroom is expected to be a place that can provide optimal comfort when residents really need a break.

Then, what is “anthropology room”?

After reading the explanation of anthropological understanding above, of course you already have a picture of what is an anthropology room. OK. below we will discuss some amazing ideas for room design with anthropological themes.

Beach Life

Anthropology Bedroom - Beach Theme
Anthropology Bedroom 1 – Beach Theme

For those of you who like beach life, this type of room will surely be your favorite too. Iron-made cots such as those that live around the beach, blankets or bedcovers with shell motifs, and wall hangings in the form of an oar, or you can also replace with other decorations that smelled of the beach.


Anthropology Bedroom 2 - Vintage
Anthropology Bedroom 2 – Vintage

Good news for fans of the vintage world, now you can also make your passion as the theme of the bedroom to feel more comfortable and more symbolize your personal.

Vintage II

Anthropology Bedroom - Vintage II
Anthropology Bedroom – Vintage II

Still with the Vintage theme, there are various types of vintage that you can make a theme to beautify your bedroom, depending on how your taste.

Hanging Plants

Anthropology Bedroom - Hanging Plants
Anthropology Bedroom – Hanging Plants

You can also add a hanging plant to beautify your anthropology room order to look more integrated with nature

Cots of Rattan

Anthropology Bedroom - Rattan Bed
Anthropology Bedroom – Rattan Bed

Cots of rattan material to be a great choice for you lovers of anthropological themes combined with vintage atmosphere.


Anthropology Bedroom - Books
Anthropology Bedroom – Books

If you are a bookworm, you can use collection books that are deemed outdated and never again read for use as your anthropological room decoration.

Branches and Twigs as a Cots

Anthropology Bedroom - Tree
Anthropology Bedroom – Tree

Cots of wood are common. But it will be more interesting if your wooden bark is designed with branches and twigs and some leaves are brownish so it looks like the original. For storage cabinets, you only need to use the shelves and hangers to store your belongings and clothes, to save more space – if your room space is not too wide.


Anthropology Bedroom - Basement
Anthropology Bedroom – Basement

Ever imagined to have a room in the basement? You can practice it now. If most people make rooms upstairs, try making a ladder underground to create your hiding room.

Bedroom without Plaster

Anthropology Bedroom - Ceiling Dream Bedroom
Anthropology Bedroom – Ceiling Dream Bedroom

Having a room without plaster actually makes it easier for us to add certain ornaments or decorations, according to our penchant.


Anthropology Bedroom - Luxury
Anthropology Bedroom – Luxury

Lover of things that smells elegant? Luxury? This room type is perfect for your personality. Simple, yet still look luxurious and elegant.

Natural Lighting

Anthropology Bedroom - Natural Lighting
Anthropology Bedroom – Natural Lighting

Having a room that is directly connected with natural lighting from the outside will be very good for health. Try making a roof that forms a sloping plane and facing directly toward the rising sun and make a rather large glass window there. So when you wake up in the morning, you will be instantly greeted warmly by morning sunshine, and when night comes, the star and moonlight will usher you in a beautiful dream.

Trinkets or Accessories

Anthropology Bedroom - Accessories
Anthropology Bedroom – Accessories

Collection of funny trinkets? Try to make your collectibles collection as decoration to beautify your vintagemu room.


Anthropology Bedroom - Wallpaper
Anthropology Bedroom – Wallpaper

You’re the type of person who does not like to bother, but want to create a room with an anthropological theme? It’s easy, with a simple elegant bed and vintage style windows, you just add wallpaper on any side of the room you like – with anthropological themes of course.


Anthropology Bedroom - Tumblr Moon
Anthropology Bedroom – Tumblr Moon

If you are a hobby with painting or photography, you can add your paintings and photography collections to add comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom, do not forget tumblr lights that propagate around the bed as a complement.

Real Ornaments

Anthropology Bedroom - Nature
Anthropology Bedroom – Nature

Not just wallpaper. You can even add real ornaments in the form of twigs and leaves to give the feel of nature in your room.

Ancient Luxury Room

Anthropology Bedroom - Luxury Room
Anthropology Bedroom – Luxury Room

Who says the theme of the room should be in accordance with the theme of the house? Ancient luxury room type you can also make an option to design your anthropology room, although your house does not carry the same theme.


Anthropology Bedroom - Nature II
Anthropology Bedroom – Nature II

Not only hanging plants, plants in pots that are large enough also you can add to your room. And again if you love to play music, just put your favorite music instrument in the room, so you can more freely play it whenever you want it.

Romantic Bedroom

Anthropology Bedroom - Paris Bedroom Dream Bedroom
Anthropology Bedroom – Paris Bedroom Dream Bedroom

Paris? London? Everyone would be very happy with the romantic cities. You can change the atmosphere of your room into the atmosphere of the two romantic cities, with wallpapers, and tools that will make you feel like you’re there.

Vintage and Tumblr

Anthropology Bedroom - Tumblr Vintage
Anthropology Bedroom – Tumblr Vintage

Who said vintage atmosphere can not collaborate with tumblr lights? They will look very romantic with a blend of vintage themed fabrics, without having to pay expensive people to install wallpaper.

Sky and Earth

Anthropology Bedroom 20 - Sky and Earth
Anthropology Bedroom 20 – Sky and Earth

The atmosphere of the room with the blend of sky-blue and green grass paint, as well as the natural paintings like sun, clouds and plants, will further reinforce the natural impression of your room – if you like the bright colors.

Transparent Room

Anthropology Bedroom - Transparant
Anthropology Bedroom – Transparant

If you do not want to be bothered by installing wallpaper or picture cloth, you can just design your room with glass instead of the wall. That way, from within your room you will feel being in the open. Not to worry, you can add a curtain that is the size of the glass wall of your room, so that your personal activities will not be seen from the outside.

Tumblr Light

Anthropology Bedroom - Lampion Tumblr
Anthropology Bedroom – Lantern Tumblr

Still talking about tumblr lights. If we usually let the tumblr lights propagate on the wall or curtain room, this time you can outsmart by hooking it on the frame of the lantern, then hang it on your bed, so it will look more elegant.

Iron Bed and Wooden Room

Anthropology Bedroom
Anthropology Bedroom

Using wood materials for your room is the right choice. Because, in addition to adding coolness, wooden ornaments also reinforce the theme of the room that we are discussing at this time. For an iron bed, you can use a bed model that is designed to be able to use a mosquito net on it. So when falling asleep, you do not need khwatir will be disturbed by the forces of the naughty mosquitoes.

The Mountain House

Anthropology Bedroom - with Large Window
Anthropology Bedroom – with Large Window

If your room is on the top floor, try to create a room theme like an ancient villa in the mountains, you will find its own sensation after trying it.

Natural Stone

Anthropology Bedroom 25
Anthropology Bedroom 25

Color matching furniture will add beauty in your room. Selection of carpet themes with images of natural rocks and floor rooms made of wood will further strengthen the theme you choose for your anthropology room.

What do you think ? Interested in creating anthropology rooms in your home?