Bathroom Design for Children


The right child’s bathroom design is a design that makes your child happy and cheerful when they are cleaning themselves while playing. Who does not like to play water ? Even adults are happy when they can relax by soaking in a bath tub filled with water.

Making a child’s bathroom is also one of the best efforts of parents to have their child get the best facilities at home. Many children are quite difficult when taught to bathe. By designing a child’s bathroom, then you can teach your child how to maintain cleanliness in a fun way.

Before asking the interior designer to design it, first ask your child what character would be served in the bathroom. That way, you will no longer trouble when determining the color and style in it.

Therefore, in this article we will discuss a variety of bathroom design for children that you can make recommendations.


Casual Color

Casual Color for Children's Bathroom
Casual Color for Children’s Bathroom

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 Pop-walled wallpaper with cartoon nuanced pictures suits your daughter. For boys, you can choose the same mood with a more masculine image.

Contemporary-style Bathroom

Contemporary Kids Bathroom Design
Contemporary Kids Bathroom Design

Source : Designtrends

Contemporary-style bathrooms suitable for your teenage boys. Simple and masculine colors make the bathroom unnecessary to be changed until your child grows up. A little childhood accent such as a fish image on the wallpaper will make your child feel more comfortable.

Bright Color Accent

Bright Color Accent For Children's Bathroom
Bright Color Accent For Children’s Bathroom

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The use of bright colors like orange, blue, and green as an accent can change the mood of the room for your child’s bathroom.

Child’s Masterpiece as Point of Interest

Kids Masterpiece As Point Of Interest For Children's Bathroom
Kids Masterpiece As Point Of Interest For Children’s Bathroom

Source : Pinterest

To make the bathroom more festive, you do not always have to apply paint or wallpaper. Simply by placing the masterpiece of the child, the feel of the bathroom will change instantly.

Colorful Bathroom Appliances

Colorful Bathroom Appliances For Children's Bathroom
Colorful Bathroom Appliances For Children’s Bathroom

Source : HGTV

In addition to wall color, bright colors such as mustard yellow can be applied on the floor. To support it, use bathroom equipment with colors that are not less bright, complete with funny pictures.

Classic Blue

Classic Blue Style For Children's Bathroom
Classic Blue Style For Children’s Bathroom

Source : Houzz

Classic style with blue color not only presents the impression of adventure for your child, but also a sense of comfort for adults. Classic design like this can be applied at home with one bathroom.

Mini Bathtub

Mini Bathtub for Children's Bathroom
Mini Bathtub for Children’s Bathroom

Source : Google

Put a bathub that fits the size of your child’s body, so that he/she will feel more comfortable when they want to soak

Mini Washing Stand

Mini Washing Stand For Children's Bathroom
Mini Washing Stand For Children’s Bathroom

Source : Pinterest

In addition to bathtub, use a mini washing stand for your child’s bathroom, so they do not have to climb a chair or bother to tiptoe to brush their teeth or to wash their hands in the washing stand.

Toys and Displays

Toys And Displays For Kids Bathroom
Toys And Displays For Kids Bathroom

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To add fun while doing the activities in the bathroom, you can add some of your child’s favorite toys there. You can also add displays such as paintings or posters of his favorite figures.


Lighting For Children's Bathroom
Lighting For Children’s Bathroom

Source : Hotelresidencia

Make sure the lighting is bright enough in your child’s bathroom. Because some children will usually be afraid to go to the bathroom if the lighting is minimal.

Unique Washing Stand

Unique Washing Stand For Kids Bathroom Ideas
Unique Washing Stand For Kids Bathroom Ideas

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Try to make the washing stand as attractive as possible in your child’s bathroom, so when washing their hands or brushing your teeth, they will do it with pleasure.

Favorite Figure

Favorite Figure For Children's Bathroom Disney Finding Nemo Kids Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Favorite Figure For Children’s Bathroom Disney Finding Nemo Kids Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Source : Drabtofabdesign

Try inserting your child’s favorite figure into the bathroom. For girls are usually very happy with the characters hello kitty, princess, masha and the bear, and so forth. For boys usually more lead to superheroes such as spiderman, batman, iron man, and others.

The Oceanic Theme

Kids Bathroom Oceanic Theme
Kids Bathroom Oceanic Theme

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Make an ocean theme in your child’s bathroom by adding a wallpaper or some wallsticker inside. Guaranteed, your child will feel happy while in the bathroom.

Shelves for Bathroom Equipment

Shelves For Kids Bathroom Equipment
Shelves For Kids Bathroom Equipment

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If your child is two brothers or more, put their toiletries on a different shelf that you have completed with each of their previous names. That way they will learn to take care of their personal equipment.

Well, that was some examples of bathroom design for children. Interested to try it at home? ^^