The Gray Theme for the Bedroom? Why not?

The Gray Themes For The Bedroom Why Not
The Gray Themes For The Bedroom Why Not

The bedroom is a private zone where we begin and end the day. The color scheme, which is seen falling asleep and waking up to a certain program of degrees, our emotions and soul – long known facts. Color problems – to emphasize comfort and quiet space where renewable energy, physical strength and sometimes mental. The bedroom in shades of soothing gray, relaxes, facilitates falling asleep.

Choosing a paint color in the bedroom should not be arbitrary. Don’t let the color is too bright because it will make the eyes and minds more focused and awake. Don’t be too dark, because it will create a gloomy atmosphere.

Gray is the right choice to make the atmosphere of the room so more relaxed, fresh and modern impression. Especially if combined with contemporary furniture. If you prefer a vintage style, this light gray color can also fit together.

Here are some ideas gray color options for the bedroom more comfortable;

Rustic Wall

Rustic Wall for Grey Bedroom
Rustic Wall for Grey Bedroom (source:

Of course, you don’t have to paint with a difficult technique to get the rattan wall. Such style can be found in the wallpaper shops. Pair it with a wooden bed of pallets, or use an ordinary iron bed. Voila! The unique bedrooms are ready to live in.


Feminine for Grey Bedroom
Feminine for Grey Bedroom (source:

The gray color can be so soft and so feminine. You must choose quality wall paint to produce a smooth color. Pair with a feminine tool, such as a round-shaped table, flowers, Eames chairs, and of course elegant bedding.


Macho for Grey Bedroom
Macho for Grey Bedroom (source:

In addition to impressing macho, the bedroom idea is very brilliant. Beds are not placed against the wall. Then there are the curtains that complement the headboard while limiting the bedroom with a wardrobe area. Suitable for you who are lazy to dress in the cupboard.

Young Women’s Bedroom

Young Women's Bedroom for Grey Bedroom
Young Women’s Bedroom for Grey Bedroom (source:

Combine them with favorite colors, such as and yellow. With additional wall sticks and floral pillows, your daughter can sleep soundly in her room.

Baby’s Bedroom

Baby's Bedroom for Grey Bedroom
Baby’s Bedroom for Grey Bedroom (source:

Just like white and cream, the gray color becomes a matching neutral color placed in the nursery. Pair with pink color for baby girl, blue or green color for baby boy.


Elegant for Grey Bedroom
Elegant for Grey Bedroom (source:

For a classic elegant impression, use a more complex motif with gray, then add a touch of one or two other colors.


Industrial for Grey Bedroom
Industrial for Grey Bedroom (source:

The gray color is very practical. This color is automatically obtained when you build a house, in the stucco wall. By utilizing the stucco wall, the bedroom seemed more industrial but still comfortable.

Wall Color Exploration

Wall Color Exploration for Grey Bedroom
Wall Color Exploration for Grey Bedroom (source:

To eliminate boredom with gray, try giving a unique style on the wall, for example by adding some triangles like this. Add other colors like pink and white, to make the gray room so much alive.

Full Color

Full Color for Grey Bedroom
Full Color for Grey Bedroom (source:

The main thing in the decor with the gray color is to think of it as a dark white color. In this way, you will dare to explore other colors in the room. The easiest way to change the decor is with bedding.

Super Minimalist

Super Minimalist for Grey Bedroom
Super Minimalist for Grey Bedroom (source:

Too lazy to replace the existing wall color, but getting interested in this gray color? Easy. Just replace the bedcover and pillowcase, then add the gray carpet. This color is one color that is very minimalist.
Well, what do you think? Can’t wait to renovate the bedroom theme in your home? Good luck! ^^