Smart Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Quickly

Smart Tips To Organize Your Kitchen Quickly
Smart Tips To Organize Your Kitchen Quickly

The well-appointed kitchen with the proper placement of equipment and kitchen materials can improve the efficiency of cooking, in addition to making it pleasing to the eye. If you’re in the kitchen spending more time looking for utensils or kitchen materials than for cooking, then your kitchen is not well-organized yet.

Given the kitchen as a very functional part of a house, kitchen setup is not enough just to make the kitchen look beautiful, but also need to consider cleanliness. The beautiful appearance of a kitchen can be enjoyed by anyone, while kitchen cleanliness can be felt by kitchen users when cooking.

The key to maintaining the kitchen is simple and neat is regular cleaning aka do daily maintenance. Many things you can do every day on a small and minimal scale, but have a great effect on the appearance of a simple and neat kitchen.

So for those of you who crave a simple and neat kitchen, here are some tips that you can practice every day;

Important Features

Clean Dishwasher Kitchen Ideas
Clean Dishwasher Kitchen Ideas (source:

Start the days in the simple and tidy kitchen with attention to some important kitchen features, such as sink, dishwasher, dish dryer rack, and other kitchen gadgets that function similarly. Make sure that the items are always clean and empty at the end of the day. Thus, you will find a simple and clean kitchen every morning the next day.

Efficient and Effective

Easy To Clean Table
Easy To Clean Table (source:

One of the top secrets of every famous cook is an efficient and versatile workflow, including for you the owner of a simple and neat kitchen. One of them is clean-up on the sidelines of work in progress. For example, the onion cut event always ends by removing the peeled onion peel or also always cleaning the oil splash with a cloth when frying the dish.

Always Clean the Sink

Clean Kitchen With Marble Ideas
Clean Kitchen With Marble Ideas (source:

Familiarize yourself to always wash or brush the sink after you finish using it to remove oil, dirt or after washing dishes in your simple and neat kitchen. You must have extra attention to keep clean. The trick is to use a special brush and scrub the entire sink area with dish soap available. After rinsing, don’t forget to wipe clean especially at the edge of the sink table.

Routine Care

Wood Kitchen With Floating Desk
Wood Kitchen With Floating Desk (source:

Cooking utensils such as pan, skillet, or cooking pot also need monthly service to look lightning and work perfectly. Same thing with kitchen knives that need to be sharpened periodically and not just when needed. Ideally, your simple and tidy kitchen can run more smoothly with routine maintenance at least 1 time in a month.


Coffee Trinkets Organize Ideas
Coffee Trinkets Organize Ideas (source:

The simple and tidy kitchen can be more beautiful with the existing kitchen decor. Whether it is a cutting board hanging from the wall to a glass hanger that sits beautifully on the kitchen table. These little trinkets also need to be cleaned daily because they are attached with oil or dust in the kitchen area.

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tool For Organize Kitchen
Cleaning Tool For Organize Kitchen (source:

The simple and tidy kitchen begins with the right clean-up device. Prepare yourself with the right types of brush and broom and mop so that the simple and neat kitchen looks clean all the time. Don’t forget to keep your cleaning tools in a separate storage box and place it on the bottom or sink rack, special drawer, or a bucket, to keep the kitchen looks beautiful without any objects disturbing this scene.

Table Surface

Marble Kitchen Ideas
Marble Kitchen Ideas (source:

The surface of a clean kitchen table is an important key to a simple and clean kitchen appearance. In addition to diligent cleaning properly and thoroughly, also make sure not many decorations are not important on the surface of your kitchen table.

Large Trash Can

Large Trash Can For Kitchen
Large Trash Can For Kitchen (source:

Make sure to equip the simple and neat kitchen with a trash can that is large enough for your daily activities. With the right trash can, you can save the coating plastic before taking out the garbage. Look for a trash can that’s been fitted with a tight cover so that the unpleasant smell will be far from your simple and neat kitchen. Well, that’s the smart tip in managing the kitchen quickly and practically. So, ready to make changes to your kitchen? ^^